Improving Your Well-Being in Knoxville

Improving Your Well-Being In Knoxville

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Over the course an year, hundreds of thousands of individuals sustain a back injury. Many of them make the visit to their local chiropractor, such as your chiropractor in Knoxville, in hopes of finding pain relief. The most common time of year where we see patients is in the spring. This occurs due to individuals being being over-eager and getting out to enjoy the sun by tending to their lawn.

It doesn’t take a whole lot to hurt your back, much less if you are carrying heavy equipment while tending to your lawn. If you have sustained an injury, the first order of business should be visiting a chiropractor. In fact, if this is not your first time dealing with an unexpected injury, you may want to consider regular chiropractic care. Chiropractic has the ability to improve your body’s flexibility and resistance to injuries.

To avoid sustaining injuries when working on your lawn in the first place, there are a few things to keep in mind. First of all, physical fitness is key. If you exercise regularly, you are at a lower risk of injury and are able to perform strenuous work more efficiently. Staying in peak physical condition is not only optimal for lawn care, it’s optimal for your long-term health.

Moreover, using proper form when picking up heavy objects is always advised. Push with your knees shoulder width apart and avoid arching your back. This advice seems simple enough yet not following it is one of the most common reason individuals pull their back muscles. Furthermore, always use the right tool for the job. By attempting to use tools in ways different from their intended function, you increase your risk for injury.

Next, if you feel any type of soreness after a day’s work, ice the area immediately. By taking care of the problem quickly, you can limit inflammation and help your body facilitate healing. It is advised to even switch off between heat and ice to further help your muscles heal. The only pitfall to watch out for is to avoid putting ice directly on the skin and being careful not to burn yourself.

Regular chiropractic care is advised in any case as it can help you avoid from ever dealing with a back injury in the first place when spring comes around. If you do happen to knot your back up anyhow, Bright Life Chiropractic Clinic in Knoxville is more than happy to help get you back on your feet and functioning at your best. Tending to your lawn can be a fun part of spring, not so much when you have to stay bedridden due to debilitating back pain. Be sure to contact us if you have any questions about maintaining your back health this spring.

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