Chiropractor in Knoxville Discusses Bulging Discs

Chiropractic Clinic In Knoxville Discusses Bulging Discs

Chiropractor in Knoxville Discusses Bulging Discs

Despite the popularity of the term ‘slipped’ disc, the term is inaccurate. A disc in the spine can not slip, however, they are able to bulge. If you are suffering with the pain of a bulging disc, our chiropractor in Knoxville can help.

Disc injuries are broadly categorized into two groups, non-contained and contained. A bulging disc falls into the latter category.

Defining a Bulging Disc

When a bulging disc has been diagnosed, that means the bony layer surrounding the disc in between your vertebrae has cracked and partially let out the jelly-like substance within. As a result, the disc can slightly move out of place within the spinal column and lead to further complications if not cared for properly. The discs in your back are tailored to nestle right in between each of your vertebrae. Consequently, a bulging disc forces fluid to push on delicate nerves that usually operate unimpeded.

Bulging discs are rather common considering they occur regularly as a part of aging. If properly maintained, bulging discs may never cause significant pain. However, all it takes is one lift with bad form or a quick fall to change that. A bulging disc that strikes the wrong nerve can quickly lead to chronic back pain. Thankfully, the body is resilient and some disc injuries can repair themselves, especially if they are aided along by an experienced chiropractor.

To overcome your bulging discs, try to:

Visit your Knoxville chiropractor regularly

Overcoming a painful bulging disc may seem impossible but chances are your chiropractor has seen your type of injury before and successfully treated it.

Work on your posture

By practicing proper form in your daily life you not only avoid worsening your injury, you may reduce the chances of once occurring by properly strengthening the muscles in your back.

Exercise Your Abdomen

The muscles that make up your core play a large part in maintaining your balance and spinal health. By doing exercises such as planks, you increase your vitality.

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